Board of Directors & Members

Hank Stohr

Executive Director


Hank is the founder of Prejudice Unfounded. He has over 50 years of experience working with Fortune 500 firms as an IT and management professional in the fields of telecommunications and pharmaceuticals as well as the financial services industry.

Antonio Ruiz Mariscal



Antonio has had a very distinguished career filled with a diverse set of skills. He has a formal education in chemistry, applied mathematics, and research. Additionally, he has worked with the private sector as well as the government with regards to databases, consulting, and research.

Board Members

Kyle Turk

Technology / Advisory


Kyle (MBA, PMP, PECD) brings 20 years of IT systems and community development experience to the board. He is a two-time Peace Corps volunteer and a two-time AmeriCorps volunteer. He has served on several nonprofit boards and is a former CIO of a large nonprofit in Austin, TX.

Byron Battle

Byron Battle

Advisory / Management Oversight


Byron, has forty years in international economic, trade, and community development projects, working with government agencies, international organizations, universities, consulting firms, and the Peace Corps in the US, Europe, Latin america, Asia & Africa.

Amad Doratotaj

Amad Doratoraj

Advisory / Management Oversight


Amad, is an entrepreneur-minded executive with a successful track record in leading multi-national companies and operations, growing businesses from start-ups to market leaders, directing business turnarounds, leading mergers and acquisitions, and managing companies in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

David Jones



David is a quadriplegic dealing with paralysis for the past 20+ years. Previously he worked in the seafood industry with his family operating shrimp trawlers and conducting wholesale and retail markets.

Byron Battle

Michael Dewey

Advisory / Management Oversight


Mike received his Bachelor of Science Degree at Syracuse University and for the next 27 years managed finance departments for private and Non profit businesses.

Amad Doratotaj

Dennis Zacharopoulos

Advisory / Management Oversight


Dennis has had lifelong side interests and done graduate, volunteer, and consulting work in human rights, international regimes and organizations, sustainability, and diversity, adding to these more recently the teaching of history and the role of museums.  Dennis is also engaged with and advocates for causes that support an increasing share of the arts in education.

Dennis holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Purchase College and an MA and MPhil in International Relations from Columbia University, where he was a research assistant for the Center for the Study of Human Rights.

Dennis lives in Norwalk, CT.

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