Project Framework

Because all the books address prejudice, but in different
societies, we believe a common framework for all the books is necessary to ensure
increased coherence, comprehension, continuity, and integrity.

Suggested Components for a Framework


Common Definitions (some examples):

    • Bias
    • Prejudice
    • Assimilation
    • Collective Consciousness
    • Group Consciousness
    • Period of Transition
    • Evolution
    • Human Condition
    • Perpetual Thinking
    • Bigot
    • Pluralism
    • Scapegoat 
    • Exhortation 
    • Ameliorate 
    • Amalgamation
    • Self-Actualization
    • Self-Esteem
    • Strength
    • Physiological

These definitions are suggested and defined in the “Definitions” page, but if altered, they should be used in the same way by all participants

Crucial Inclusions within each book
(some examples):

    • Brief Evolution of Each Society
    • Past and Current Cost of Damages
    • Quiz Measuring Degrees of Prejudice for Each Society
    • Mitigation Tools
    • Some Suggestions for Engaging in Open Discussions
    • Process for Obtaining Readers’ Thoughts and Suggestions
      • In showing the reader the past and present of each society an important level set can be established
      • Explain degrees of progress or regress as they are related to the financial and mental costs of prejudice
      • The customized quizzes are important for the reader to better understand their degree of prejudice and provide them with mitigation tools
      • The final “value added” to provide the reader with some aides in how to handle conversations with family, strangers and group discussions