Project Roadmap

The Four Major Initatives of the Prejudice Unfolded Project Are: Relationships and Partnerships, Funding, creating and transforming Metadata and Education.

It should be noted that our plan is to conduct these phases simultaneously.

Relationships & Partnerships

Create relationships and recruit literary agencies, authors, publishers, editors, universities, psychiatrists, local county, state, and federal educational administrators.

Prejudice Unfolded creates relationships with Literary Agencies, Publishers, Authors, & Psychiatrists to write a series of six or more books, Additional relationships are created with all school administrators and Government agencies to impact Grades 1-12.


Seek out Philanthropists, and Grant Providers and negotiate for book and magazine proceeds. Provide continuous project funding based on project progress and needs.

We are seeking funding from Grant Providers & Philanthropists. We also expect to benefit from book and magazine revenues. Depending upon the project’s progress we expect to have a need for supplemental funding. 

Creating and Transforming Metadata

Create books, a magazine, surveys, and quizzes. Obtaining and sharing all feedback with all participants. Gather metrics and publish periodic findings.

This consists of writing a series of six or more books, publishing a magazine, conducting surveys, quizzes, think tanks & workshops to obtain ongoing data & intelligence for equipping our Educational initiative. We refer to this as creating and transforming metadata into forms that can be used and shared by all participants


Partnership with school boards, educators, parent-teacher associations, city, county, state, and federal governments. Coordinate and provide guidance in navigating the processes to incorporate new curriculums.

This represents the most substantive contribution since it impacts future generations of children and young adults. It is here where we can significantly curb the prejudice that is developing in our young.

The work will need to be continuous and will be controversial and difficult, but its contribution brings the largest positive impact to our country and all others that embrace and subscribe to its values.