“Be the Change” Donation

We are thrilled you are here! Your curiosity and interest in our work reflect the values we strive to instill in our students: open-mindedness, patience, empathy, respect, tolerance, compassion, perspective, forgiveness, humility, acceptance, and generosity.

Our mission at Prejudice Unfolded is to revolutionize how our young minds are shaped, and to do so, we believe that our education system needs to encompass much more than conventional curricula. It should be an engaging, empowering platform that inculcates the values we uphold, encouraging understanding and empathy over prejudice.

To bring this vision to life, we are crafting a unique multi-media educational framework in partnership with esteemed publishing industry professionals, renowned universities, dedicated foundations, supportive government agencies, and progressive K-12 institutions. Our shared goal is to disrupt the roots of prejudice and provide our children with a chance at a life less burdened by these constraints.

Key aspects of this project include a series of books addressing various forms of societal prejudice, a dynamic digital media magazine incorporating the innovative HAAK Index, and a range of insightful surveys and quizzes. Our hope is that these materials will create a layer of shared information and awareness that feeds into our broader educational efforts.

However, we need your support. A project of this magnitude requires extensive resources, and every single contribution brings us closer to realizing our mission. Whether you can contribute $5 or $500, every dollar will be used to:


        • Develop and produce quality educational materials that incorporate the principles we champion.
        • Foster new partnerships and relationships that will strengthen our educational framework.
        • Disseminate surveys and quizzes that will offer new insights into societal prejudices.
        • Keep our digital magazine up and running, enabling us to provide valuable data via the HAAK Index.

If you believe in the power of education, in its potential to shape minds and create a more empathetic, tolerant, and open-minded society, we urge you to donate today. We have a challenging journey ahead, but together, we can build a future free from prejudice and hate.

Thank you for your consideration, generosity, and belief in our cause. Your support will not only bring this project to life but also ensure a brighter, more understanding world for our future generations.

With gratitude,
Hank Stohr,
Prejudice Unfolded