Project Participants

Roots and Causes of Prejudice

Prejudice Unfolded is responsible for developing relationships and partnerships with all participants. In addition, most material that is, or becomes, available can be shared through a layer of information we are calling “Metadata Connectivity”. For example, all the data (information) derived from the Books, Magazine, Surveys, Quizzes, and Educational Materials will be available to all active participants.

Since many participants are necessary to meet the goals of the project, sharing will be critical. This is envisioned to be accomplished by first creating relationships with participants who are like-minded, have resources, and/or data that complement the mission and goals of Prejudice Unfolded.

These relationships will mature into Partnerships that specify working arrangements and remuneration. When any of the active participants are unable to perform tasks, “Prejudice Unfolded” will help find and staff for the solution.