Rationale for Quizzes:

Prejudice thoughts run through all our minds, the key is what we do with them.
One of the unique aspects of this initiative is that although there are a number of quizzes that measure prejudice, there are none measuring our prejudice by society.
The importance of this is for us to be able to recognize, acknowledge and pinpoint the degree of prejudice that is actually causing us harm within the societies we participate in.

Once this occurs, specific mitigation strategies can be developed for those seeking changes to their behavior.

Creation, Implementation &
Uses of Quizzes:

Several Universities and Foundations have been and are creating quizzes that measure prejudice. We plan to use these resources through a series of agreements and partnerships.

We will design the quizzes together and they will be targeting nine societies which we have identified as Race, Religion, Gender, Traditions, Cultures, Governments, Nationalities, Institutions and Sciences.

These quizzes will be used in multiple applications such as: the project’s books which will contain their own targeted quiz,and there will be quizzes offered to the public via multiple multi-media outlets either singularly or packaged.
And to the extent possible, we will provide processes by which we can anonymously collect the results of some of this data and use it in the metrics we house and publish.