Best Educational Practices

“Whoever Opens the door of a school, closes a prison”

Victor Hugo

As we enter the educational phase of the project we will be
working with many best practice solutions for the course curriculums.
This is the beginning of that process…

Best Practices

The Solution

as per – The State University of
  New York at Oswego

In Teaching:

    • Active Learning
    • Concept Mapping
    • Flipping the Classroom
    • Just-in-time Teaching
    • Low-stakes Testing
    • Learning Styles
    • Mastery Learning
    • Peer Instruction
    • Team-Based Learning
    • Best Practices in Learning and Teaching Videos

With Instructional Tools:

    • Mobil Apps for Academics
    • Clicker Overview
    • Clicker Set-up
    • iPad Pilot Project
    • Using Technology Videos

Additional Contributions Being Sought…

Our goal is to provide 1st-grade through 12th-grade students with the tools they need to make healthy life choices.

We plan to work with educators to design course materials that will challenge and keep the interest of the youth from Grades 1 through 12…

The format and content of the courses will contain unique ways to stimulate and instill these types of values by showing the students how they can benefit through life examples: Respect, Tolerance, Patience, Forgiveness, Humility, Open Mindedness, Generosity, Perspective, Humor, Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, etc…

Additional Contributions Being Sought…