Our Mission & Vision

The ultimate goal of the project is to put in place requisite multi-media educational tools that provide our youth (grades 1-12) with stimulating multimedia subjects that demonstrate the values of open-mindedness, patience, empathy, respect, tolerance, compassion, perspective, forgiveness, humility, humor, acceptance, and generosity.

By learning the benefits of these principles and how to use them, most of the roots of prejudice will be disrupted, and students will have their best chance at living an unimpaired and more productive life.

This will be achieved through developing relationships and partnerships with the Publishing Industry. Universities, Foundations, Government Agencies and K-12.

These partnerships will not only develop and produce a multi-media educational framework, they will be able to use the shared information layer created by additional project efforts. This includes creating a series of books, digital media magazine, surveys and quizzes.

The books are targeted at prejudice in each aspect of our societies (Race, Gender, Religion, Government, Nationalities, Cultures, Traditions, Institutions & Science) and will create a level of awareness with the readers that will feed and influence our multi-media educational development efforts.

The magazine will bring together information from other magazines but also contain the new and unique HAAK Index (create a hyperlink for the HAAK Index for its full explanation). In general, this Index monitors and measures past and present prejudices and hate crimes in each society.

The surveys and quizzes are also a new and unique source of information that will be initiated, collected and disseminated for the use of all participants.